The first magnetic resonance of the project BiSC


Today, we have done the first magnetic resonance of the BiSC project!! This morning at BBRC (Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center) we have done the first magnetic resonance trial, with our first voluntary baby and it has been an enterely success! The entire BiSC team wishes to thank their parents, to collaborate in this stage of the project and the baby, as it has been a pleasure to have them with us. We're really looking forward to seeing the following volunteers! A photography of the first magnetic resonance done at BBRC. The text has been written [...]

Jordi Sunyer, on of the principal investigators of BiSC is interviewed in “Betevé”


We have appearead again in the TV media! Jordi Sunyer, one of the principal investigators of the BiSC project, is interviewed in BTV after the publication of a Belgian study that has recently discovered that contaminating particles can cross the placenta and reach the fetus. Those news, further evidences the importance of the BiSC study, in which one of whose main objectives is to evaluate whether the function [...]

Air pollution: one more reason to participate


Citizen participation to reduce air pollution There are many news that reach us from different media, evidencing the importance of public health projects. In September 6, the latest air quality evaluation report, prepared by the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, ​​was presented, stating that "a minimum of 351 people have lost their lives in the capital of Barcelona due to an excess of particles PM2.5 (linked to traffic) [...]

Particle associated to traffic related air pollution can cross the placental barrier


Particles assocaited with traffic air pollution have been found in the placenta of pregnant women The finding of air pollution particles in fetuses indicates that babies are directly exposed in the uterus to black carbon emitted by fossil fuel engines. This study is the first to show that the particles that the mother breathes can cross the placental barrier. The discovery is of the utmost importance, since the [...]

The BiSC project on the TMB buses and underground!

23/09/2019|Evolution of the project|

The BiSC project and the TMB are collaborating! The "Fundació Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)" collaborated with the BiSC project. In addition to its dissemination through its social networks, from today and for two week, the TMB foundation will issued a short video on the BiSC project to help with the recruitment of pregnant women. We hope it will be an absolute success! Here you can find the [...]

The BiSC project does not stop growing!

06/09/2019|Evolution of the project|

New primary attention centers have incorporated to the BiSC project Since mid-year, professionals from the centers of Sexual and Reproductive Care (ASSIR) have joined Manso and Numancia as project collaborators. Both centers have as reference the Hospital Clínic Seu Maternitat, collaborator of the project from the beginning. This new stage is being carried out with great enthusiasm by professionals, who consider “a great opportunity to involve pregnant women [...]

The visit of the 3rd trimester and fetal growth in BiSC project

02/09/2019|Evolution of the project|

The visit at the 3rd trimester, essential for the BiSC project One of the essential parts of the BiSC project is the 32-week visit that takes place in the different participating hospitals. During it, the patients meet again with the nurses who participate in the project, Julia and Estela, and with the obstetricians who will perform the ultrasound examinations. Within the ultrasound examinations we perform, we carry out [...]

BiSC project in the third edition of the “L’Hospital viu, viu l’hospital”


The BISC study was on the front line in the 3rd edition of the "Hospital viu, viu l'hospital" in "Sant Joan de Déu" On June 20, the third edition of the “Hospital Viu, viu l'Hospital” conference took place at the "Hospital Sant Joan de Déu", whose objective was to publicize the new and unique programs and activities carried out in the hospital and the affiliated centers.  The BISC [...]

BiSC project visits the TV3 programme “TOT ES MOU”

25/07/2019|Evolution of the project|

Jordi Sunyer, one of the principal investigators of the BiSC project, talks about air pollution and its implications for the health of the population Last Wednesday, July 24, Jordi Sunyer Deu, one of the principal investigators of the BiSC project, visited TV3 studio, to discuss the existing environment-related problems of Barcelona in relation to the levels of air pollution, its implications for human health, and the relevance of [...]