Barcelona Life Study Cohort

Barcelona Life Study Cohort

Pollution is one of the issues that most concern us when we talk about public health. We know that it is one of the factors that cause more diseases in adults, and especially in children, but we still do not know how it can affect the future baby during pregnancy, one of the most vulnerable and determining periods in the life of children. people.

That’s why we designed the Barcelona Life Study Cohort (BiSC), a research project aimed at understanding and understanding how Barcelona’s air pollution affects the development of the baby during pregnancy. In addition, we will make an accurate estimate of the exposure of pregnant mothers to environmental pollution, evaluating the main atmospheric pollutants, noise pollution, stress, the importance of physical activity and green spaces and we will know better the mediating function of the placenta .

BiSC is funded by the European Research Council (AirNB project).


Participants say

Let’s see if with this study we can bring to light results. Maybe with numbers and letters we get politicians to move and legislate

Participant of Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu

Very interesting! Contamination is a problem that exists but we do not give it importance that it deserves

Participant of the Clínic-Maternitat Hospital

News about the BiSC project


🧠Sabies que les dones tenen una major prevalença de depressió i ansietat que els homes, i que una part està relacionada amb l’embaràs i la maternitat?
👩‍🔬Al @ProjecteBiSC estudiarem si l’exposició a contaminants atmosfèrics durant l’embaràs pot influir en la depressió perinatal.