Who are the BiSC data managers?

29/11/2022|Evolution of the project, Outstanding|

Who are the BiSC data managers? As we already shared with you in a previous post, BiSC has obtained support from the Generalitat de Catalunya for the aids program for hiring young professionals, the Investigo 2022 grants. Since November the data management team has two new members. Below you can find a small presentation of them so that you can get to know them a bit more: Adrià Sentís is a graduate in biomedical sciences and he completed a master's degree in advanced microbiology at the University of Barcelona. He is currently finishing a second master's degree in [...]

Extension of the environmental visit at 18 months

22/11/2022|Evolution of the project|

Extension of the environmental visit at 18 months Last week we shared with you in the weekly publication the details of the neurodevelopmental tests that are carried out in the follow-up of the BiSC children, including the visit with the neuropsychologist at 18 months. Today we want to share a small modification that we have incorporated in the collection of samples. Many of you have already performed the [...]

The BiSC team grows

15/11/2022|Evolution of the project|

The BiSC team grows Starting this November, the BiSC psychology and neuropsychology department will have one more psychologist. This is a new incorporation thanks to the granting of Investigo Program grants (AGAUR) for the hiring of young people in seek of employment in research and innovation initiatives. This is good news for the project as it will allow us to continue improving the organization and planning of the [...]

We got funded by La Marató 2021

08/11/2022|Evolution of the project|

We got funded by La Marató 2021 At the BiSC team we are very excited because a few days ago we heared that the project will receive funding from La Marató de TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, which in the 2021 edition dealt with Mental Health with the motto “La Marató that breaks barriers”. As you already know, and thanks to the solidarity and commitment of the more than [...]

Environmental pollution, perinatal depression and anxiety


Environmental pollution, perinatal depression and anxiety At BiSC we collected information on the exposure of volunteers to atmospheric pollution and noise during pregnancy. Also, at 32 weeks of pregnancy and in different postnatal visits we performed the Edinburgh test that assesses the risk of perinatal depression. In the future weeks, we will begin the study to determine if there is any association between exposure to atmospheric pollutants during [...]

The first Party for the BiSC’ families


The first Party for the BiSC' families We are pleased to inform you that the first face-to-face meeting of BiSC families was a complete success! A total of 134 families (almost 500 people between adults and children) came to the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park last Saturday, October 1, to celebrate all the achievements of the first years of the BiSC Project. Two years ago we organized a first [...]

Finishing the 6-month follow-up visit

13/09/2022|Evolution of the project|

Finishing the 6-month follow-up visit Last April, the 6-month visit of BiSC children ended, which lasted two and a half years (2020 - 2022). After doing the first review of the visit data we want to share the numbers with you. A total of 705 families answered the health and lifestyle questionnaires. 614 families have taken air pollution measurements with NO2 tubes and 176 have participated in the [...]

We are preparing the BiSC party!

12/07/2022|Meetings, Participants|

We are preparing the 2022's BiSC party! As we always say, the BiSC Project is possible thanks to the participation of more than 1000 volunteers and their families. Without your effort and altruism when sharing information about your pregnancies, health of your children and exposure to pollution, we would not be able to carry out this research study. That is why it is essential to share all the [...]

Scientific dissemination on the frame of the BiSC project


Scientific dissemination on the frame of the BiSC project This spring, researchers of the BiSC project have participated in activities to disseminate the project in schools. Neus Rosell and Pol Jiménez visited Escola Pia-Balmes in Barcelona, to talk to the children about the effects of air pollution on our health. They explained the origins of this type of pollution today (gases and particles from road traffic, maritime traffic, [...]