BISCAPE, the pollution measurement campaign of the BiSC project!


BISCAPE, the pollution measurement campaign of the BiSC project! From the BiSC Project we have just launched the campaign called BISCAPE (Barcelona Life Cohort Study Air Pollution Exposure) to measure the levels of air pollution in various parts of the city of Barcelona and the metropolitan area simultaneously. Air pollution is a complex mixture of hundreds of pollutants from various sources (vehicles, industry, etc.). Numerous research studies have focused on the health effects of particulate matter (PM) in the last 30 years. PM is especially relevant because it is one of the components of pollution that most easily [...]

The chemical exposome in BiSC

11/06/2021|Science, Evolution of the project|

The chemical exposome in BiSC! Exposome is defined as the set of environmental exposures to which an individual is exposed from conception to the end of life. The exposure is therefore complex and dynamic as it changes over time. One dimension of this exposome is the chemical compounds, to which we are exposed on a daily basis. More than 140,000 new commercial chemicals have been synthesized since 1950, [...]

Getting closer to the BiSC study!


Getting closer to the BiSC study! The Drs. Julia Zanini and Carla Domínguez, from the obstetrics and gynecology team at the Hospital de Sant Pau and collaborators in the BiSC project, have held several talks in recent months at Barcelona Civic Centers to bring the BISC study in the population. The Naves and Guinardó civic centers regularly hold science talks open to all the public who may be [...]

Participate in BiSC in two occasions!


This week we interview one of our volunteers who has been encouraged to participate in the project during her two pregnancies! What is your concern regarding the impact of environmental pollution in the city where you live? I certainly wasn't worried before I got to know the study. As soon as you are interested in the study, you can read information about it on the web and you [...]

There are already more than 500 filters analyzed in the BiSC campaign!

17/05/2021|Evolution of the project|

There are already more than 500 filters analyzed in the BiSC campaign! As you know, part of the environmental visit to the participants was to carry a backpack with various equipment for two days to measure their personal exposure to air pollution. One such device is a pump that passes air through a filter. This filter collects particles less than 2.5 µm called PM2.5 that are suspended in [...]

Cognitive skills study at 6 months of age!

03/05/2021|Evolution of the project|

There are already 65 families that have participated in the eye-tracking study! The BiSC project, in collaboration with the Laboratory for Attention, Perception, and Acquisition of Language (APAL) of the University of Barcelona, ​​has launched two studies that explore cognitive abilities in babies, using the technique of eye movement tracking, also known as "eye-tracking". This technique allows you to continuously record the baby's gaze, what he is looking [...]

Researcher and volunteer!


When a researcher of BiSC, is also a volunteer! First of all, Marta, we appreciate your participation in the BISC project both as a research gynecologist at the Hospital San Joan de Déu and as a volunteer. 1. To start, could you tell us something about yourself? (What have you studied, where were you born and how would you define yourself?) I have studied Medicine in Madrid where [...]

A new report about air pollution!

18/03/2021|Science, Evolution of the project|

The appearance of the BiSC project in the National Geographic! A few months ago we published that the BiSC project was visited by a photographer from an international magazine, and this week the photographs have been published in the National Geographic magazine accompanying a report on the importance of air pollution. Throughout the report, the impact of air pollution on human health is extensively explained and we are [...]

The involvement of students in internship in the BiSC project!

15/03/2021|Evolution of the project|

We meet some of the university students (essential) in the BiSC project! University students have a key role in research projects that are carried out at ISGlobal. They are essential, and each one does an amazing and indispensable job. In the case of the BiSC project, since its inception, more than 30 students have been involved and have performed various tasks within it, helping the ship move forward. [...]