The first newsletter of the BiSC project!


The first newsletter of the BiSC project! Yesterday, May 11, we sent the first newsletter of the project to BiSC volunteers. This newsletter is a new way of communicating with BiSC families, where you can find short reports, interviews, a collection of news published on the web or a small creative corner, among others. In this first edition, the BiSC team updates us on the current situation of the project and you will also find a link to a report on "Being pregnant with the coronavirus epidemic". This time we interviewed Júlia Huerta, one of the BiSC's nurse, [...]

Let’s start with some BiSC face-to-face visits after 8 weeks of confinement!

04/05/2020|Evolution of the project|

We are reactivating in BiSC again after 8 weeks of confinement!! During these 8 weeks of confinement, we have been in telephone contact with BiSC volunteers to perform prenatal and postnatal follow-up, but without a face-to-face visit, neither in the hospital nor in the homes. From now on, little by little, we will be doing some face-to-face visits, starting with the ultrasound at 32 weeks of gestation. This [...]

Story of a BiSC nurse in confinement

21/04/2020|Evolution of the project|

Story of a BiSC nurse in confinement For a little over a month, due to a situation that we cannot control, the country was completely paralyzed, and we had to adapt to teleworking overnight. Among all of them, all those people who with so much enthusiasm and effort make the project happen, so we had to invent ourselves to adapt to this new situation and the needs of [...]

New study to evaluate the emotional state of BiSC volunteers

02/04/2020|Evolution of the project|

New study to evaluate the emotional state of BiSC volunteers We are in a moment of exceptionality, affected by a viral pandemic which is having significant consequences for the number and severity of people affected worldwide. Another consequence of the pandemic and the situation in Spain is the declaration of the state of alarm and the restriction of movement of the population, which has been confined to cut [...]

New point enabled at the “Hospital de Sant Pau” for pregnant women


New point enabled at the "Hospital de Sant Pau" for pregnant women On March 19, the "Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau", enabled a new specific point for pregnant women who have suspicion of COVID-19, so people with presence of symptoms or very close contact with someone confirmed by COVID-19. The point is located at the Infectious Day Hospital in Sant Pau (floor 0), and the [...]

Information for Pregnant and Families – Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)


Information for Pregnant and Families - Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Jordi Sunyer, principal investigator of the BiSC project, shared some thoughts and / or recommendations addressed to the entire population: 1. There is reason to be optimistic. Every day we have new data and evidence of how to overcome it. 2. Create a window for information (30 'in the morning and 30' in the rest) and avoid opinions and speculation. [...]

There are already 300 participants enrolled in the “Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau”

16/03/2020|Evolution of the project|

There are already 300 pregnant women who collaborate in the BiSC study at the "Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau"! More and more couples are interested in studying air pollution and their repercussions on babies, already from early stages of life. That is why we face a growing demand for information on the BiSC project, by outpatients, hospitals or even schools. Last week volunteer number 300 [...]

The visit at 6 months

03/03/2020|Evolution of the project|

The postnatal visit at 6 months have already started!! The 6-month postnatal visit is a long-awaited visit by families as it allows them to have an enriching experience with their children between the ages of 6 and 7 months. This is a visit where the child's neurodevelopmental assessment is performed through a specific test, the Developmental Bayley-III Scales (Bayley, 2006), which collects information through careful observation of children's [...]

BiSC Retreat 2020

02/03/2020|Evolution of the project|

The last Friday the retreat 2020 of BiSC was held on PRBB! Last Friday, February 28, 2020, everyone involved in the BiSC project was able to meet and catch up on the evolution of the project. We introduced new additions and all new features added to the project regarding exposure assessment, biological sample collection, or baby follow-up. The morning started with a brief introduction to the project, followed [...]